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EP Donations

So after releasing my EP 'Leaving It All Behind' a few months ago I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding the money that's been raised for charity.

As per my website and Facebook page, you will know that I am donating all proceeds to two very worthy causes.

Half will be going to my aunts animal welfare centre in Milford, County Cork - she runs an amazing shelter for dogs, horses and ponies where they're cared for and re-homed. I managed to get up there and help out when I was back home in Ireland and was blown away by the awesome work she is doing. Check out her website: www.paulinesrescue.com

The second half of the proceeds are going to the Shangrila New Dawn Orphanage in Pokhara where I had the privilege of working with a truly great bunch of kids during my recent trip to Nepal. To say the experience was both humbling and eye-opening is a huge understatement...

To date I have raised $1,142 from online sales of the EP and I will be distributing this across those two causes.

Thanks again for all the support over the last few months!


EP Sales Supporting Two Great Causes

I'm happy to announce that 100% of revenue from the sale of my EP 'Leaving It All Behind' will be split equally between two great causes.

The first is 'Pauline's Rescue' (www.paulinesrescue.com), an animal welfare centre run by my aunt in Milford, County Cork, Ireland. Pauline takes in abandoned and neglected dogs, horses and ponies - here they are nursed back to health, rehabilitated and re-homed.

The second half of all sales revenue will be distributed to children's refuge's in Nepal. As of mid-September 2016 I will be arriving in Kathmandu to undertake a stint of volunteer work. To ensure all proceeds go to those that really require it, I will be using this opportunity to connect with those on the 'front line' so to speak, and identify who is most in need. This approach is favoured over donating money to organisations which sadly can sometimes be corrupt, with little or none of the money actually making its way to those that should really be benefitting from it.

Anyway, thanks for all the support and positive feedback to date - much appreciated!

Thank You's

"Getting to the point of being able to release this EP wouldn't have been possible without the input of several people. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the following...

First of all, to my producer Marly Lüske (Alchemix Studios), for all the guidance, advice, ideas and patience. I couldn't recommend the guy highly enough - an awesome producer and an awesome studio.

Secondly, to the musicians that played on the EP: Tony Garrett on drums, Paul Furness on keys/piano, Charles Duggan on electric guitar, Chris Gilbert on bass, Michael Patterson on violin/viola, Jeremy Newell on guitar and backing vocals, and Stephanie Stewart-Smith on backing vocals. You all blew me away with your talent.

And lastly to Jemma Farley for her vocal work on all of the tracks - what a voice.

To each of you, all of your time and effort has been hugely appreciated.

I'd also like to thank Dave Eustace for his photography and design of the EP artwork. This was shot way off-road in the middle of a plantation forest in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We survived a plague of mosquitoes and an encounter with a random guy who was out there in the woods with us (reminiscent of the movie 'Wolf Creek'). But totally worth it - check out Dave's Instagram for more of his amazing photography.

Thanks too to Ricardo Santos for his great video work - we shot a live performance of "Staring at the Sea" in Mount Cootha forest which you can view in the 'Video' section.

To my brother, Diarmuid Sexton, thank you so much for not only this website (which you have designed and produced), but also for continuing to nudge me along to get to this point. To say I am grateful for your support and direction is a huge understatement.

In finishing, a final thanks to all my friends over the years who came along to my gigs - it has always meant a lot to me."



Brian Sexton
Leaving it all behind
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Staring at the Sea


Brian Sexton is an acoustic guitarist and singer based in Brisbane. Originally from Ireland, he left for Australia in 2006. It was here that he properly cut his teeth in the music scene and his style of music is consequently punctuated with influences from both parts of the world.

He has just released his EP ‘Leaving It All Behind’ which is on sale on iTunes and other popular online platforms.

In conversation

On being a musician
Being totally honest, I struggle with the idea of being called a musician – that’s a pretty blunt statement to start with, right? But it’s true…I guess that mainly stems from the fact that I took up guitar at the relatively late age of 24, and because I have always worked in a professional capacity; nine-to-five, Monday to Friday - a member of the proverbial rat-race one could say. It’s kind of hard for me to reconcile being classed as a musician when a typical day can see me fully immersed in the corporate world before picking up my guitar at 6pm to go play a gig.
On starting off
Well, it was by chance in a way. I had been travelling around south-east Asia with a few friends after university and when we got back home one of them still owed me a small amount of money. One day while I was at his house he offered me cash or an old guitar that was gathering dust in the corner of his room. I chose the latter for some reason, and looking back it was definitely one of the better decisions I have made.
On playing versus performing live..
I have spent countless hours playing, practicing and writing to get to this point….Most of that obviously happens at home where it’s just me and the four surrounding walls, but it’s probably where I’m most at ease. It’s where I get to create a song, and it’s where after a crappy day I can pick up the guitar and release some of the stress…So while I do enjoy performing in front of people, there’s a lot more to it than that. Anyone who plays an instrument will tell you the same thing.
On his first gig
In 2006 I decided to go to Australia and New Zealand for what was meant to be a years travelling. Fast-forward nearly a decade and I am still here so that clearly didn’t go to plan… It was in New Zealand though that I decided to enter an open-mic competition in a backpacker bar at the hostel I was staying. To say I was nervous when I finally got called up is an understatement… This wasn’t helped by the guy walking off the stage before me having given a virtuoso performance that included John Butler’s ‘Ocean’. I felt like a pole vaulter facing into a jump, but without a pole – the bar was set impossibly high…It didn’t go well for me either. I ended up forgetting the words half way through my second song and just decided there and then to stop playing and walk off – people weren’t quite sure what had happened – but eventually one punter gave a sort of stunted half-clap which spurred another one or two into doing likewise. And that was it….it couldn’t get any worse I figured so I stuck with it..
Then versus now
In the intervening eleven years later I have written over 50 original songs (mainly in the past four to five years), developed some non-standard playing styles (including lap-percussion and over-hand fretting), performed at some truly awesome venues and occasions (including the weddings of some great friends), and recorded an EP. However, as much as I have put into getting to this point, I have gotten more out of it. I’ve met some amazing people, made some true friends, received some of the most genuine compliments and thanks – often from complete strangers – and have been fortunate enough to discover this outlet for what I’ve experienced through good times and bad. So that’s my journey and hopefully an insight into why I think I will always be scribbling down lyrics and crafting songs, regardless if they are to be heard by many or just me….

Brian is originally from the village of Adare in the south-west of Ireland. He has been living in Brisbane for over 10 years and has gone on to build his reputation locally as a singer-songwriter in this time. Outside of music he works as a consultant engineer, has travelled extensively and is also passionate about sports and fitness.


EP promo gigs to be announced soon.

Past Gigging Venues
Dowse Bar
King George Square
The Green Room
The Briswest Centre
The Farrier Bar
The Bearded Lady
The Gasworks
Brew & Little Brew
The Hideaway
Blackbear Lodge
Bitter Suite
The Melbourne Hotel
& more...


Email: brian@briansextonmusic.com
Phone: +61 406 876 436
Location: Brisbane, Australia